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4 Tips On Finding Your Real Estate Agent | Kasama Lee

In today’s red hot real estate market, you need to be able to move quickly.

Homes are flying off the market fast, with many receiving multiple offers and over half selling above the asking price. This is on top of the already complicated process, navigating the paperwork, negotiations, shopping around for the best mortgage rate and the huge amounts of money involved. 

That’s why the vast majority of home buyers and sellers work with a real estate agent: 89% of sellers and 88% of buyers, according to the National Association of Realtors. “I would not buy or sell a house without an agent,” says Stephen Brobeck, a senior fellow with the Consumer Federation of America, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization.

With over 3 million licensed real estate agents in the U.S., finding one isn’t hard. But last year, just under 6.5 million homes were sold, so you may need to look a bit harder to find an experienced agent with a strong understanding of your local market.

The majority of agents out there are reasonably competent, says Brobeck, but an experienced agent can help you identify the little things you need to do to make the best possible offer or to get the best deal when selling a home.

Working with the right real estate agent can help your home buying or selling experience go much more smoothly. Before you sign on with the first real estate agent you find, here are four tips to make your search for the perfect real estate agent a bit easier.

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