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5 Secrets To Selling Your Home For Top Dollars

Sharing My Home Selling Secrets With You

First! Thank you for your trust.

I don’t take your trust lightly and will do my very best to deliver you the least stressful experience possible.  That’s my personal promise.

Here is my 5-Step Pre-Marketing System to get you on your way to a successful sale that would net you top dollars.

Golden Rule: The way you live and the way you market your home are two different things.

Quotes To Remember:

There’s only one chance for first impression.

Less is more.

Guiding Questions:

  1. If you were buying your home, how would you want to feel when you first walk in?
  2. On the scale of 1-10 (10, being model home), what kind of rating would like to rate your home now?
    What would it take to bring that rating closer to a “10?”
  3. Now make the list to answer question #2.

1) Pre-Markerting

□ De-clutter – move all your bottles into containers and put them under the sink or in cabinets.

□ De-personalize – You want the buyer to come in and see their life in it, not yours. Create an environment where they won’t be distracted looking at your family pictures and the fun trips you’ve taken.  One or two family photos are perfectly fine.

□ Detach – Soon, this home will not be where you will live. Some alterations will be made to sell it. Detach your personality and taste from this home. We will be neutralizing it.

□ Staging – I’ll do a walk through and ask you to take notes from room to room on how we would stage your home with existing items you already have.  Re-arranging furniture placements at an angel often times could open up the room space.  Eliminate extra pieces of furniture.  The garage is a great place to store items.  Keep items away from garage walls for inspectors to be able to see foundation.

2) Curb Appeal

□ Money-saving idea: Invest in potted plants that add colors and life to your tired backyard and front entry.
You can take these potted plants with you!

□ Make sure your lawns are groomed at all times. Leaves are raked. Don’t let weeds and leaves distract your buyer.
If there are cracked pavers, they should be replaced.

3) Freshen Up Your Home

□ Professional carpet shampoo is in order.

□ Neutralize the odor (essential oil in a diffuser, scented plug-ins are suggested)

□ Bathroom fresheners, scented candles are all very helpful.

□ It may be worthwhile to hire a professional cleaning person or crew to do a thorough once over before putting your home on the market.

□ Water stains in shower stalls should be removed and maintained during the sale of your home.

□ Look up and see if you catch any cob webs on your ceiling fans or your vaulted ceilings.

□ Fresh or silk plants add a nice accent. Remove dying plants and hide them in the garage or side of your backyard if you’re taking them.

Neutralize wall colors

□ While beautiful decors for your children’s bedroom or play room are lovely for them, we’ll have to neutralize it as we don’t know who your buyer is.

Have a chat with your small children and let them know this is a temporary time for them.  They’ll get to re-design a new room in their next new home.  Yay!

Again, we’re creating a neutral space for them. The less work they have to think about undoing, repainting, the more appealing buying your home would be.

□ Now would be a good time to patch holes and scratch marks on your walls.  Touch up with paint.  Those flaws jump out more than you would realize.  Remember, get your house as close to a “10” rating as possible.

Exterior appearance

□ Keep front porch clear of leaves, shoes.

□ Hose off stains on front porch and driveway.

□ Let’s get the cob webs off the front door, the porch and the bushes.

I take pride in building my business through referrals and trust. Looking for a local expert to help you navigate in the current real estate market with results? My team and I can help you through the buying and selling process, do call me at 707-567-1049.

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