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5 Steps to a Successful Open House

There’s more to open houses than just selling the property. For real estate agents, there’s also an emphasis on selling themselves and their brand to prospective buyers or clients. Anyone who walks through your open house could become your next client, or give you your next referral. Here’s how to make sure your next open house is a success.

1. Market The Listing

Tell people about your listing! Promote and market using ListAssist, or through more traditional methods. Send out Just Listed postcards, tell buyers agents, and inform your database and farm on social media. Chances are, even if your database isn’t interested, they know someone who might be. Make sure you have up-to-date outdoor signs to put up in front of the property and around the neighborhood. It also wouldn’t hurt to tell neighbors about the listing. No one knows the area better than they do, and they might know friends or family interested in moving in. Send them information on the listing, host a private open house showing if they seem interested, and give them a head’s up about any additional traffic the listing may bring.

2. Make a Memorable First Impression

Impress potential buyers right from the get-go. This includes more than just focusing on curb appeal. Focus on appealing to all five senses. Open the blinds and windows and let natural light shine in, which will make rooms look brighter and bigger. If the owners have pets, remove them from the premises during the open house. Freshly-baked cookies leave the entire house smelling nice, overpowers any pet odors, and are a delicious snack to offer potential buyers.

3. Connect with Visitors

Greet each person—but don’t follow them around the house. Give them space to tour the property leisurely and at their own pace. Before each person leaves, make sure you’ve connected with them, gotten their contact information, and answered any questions they might have. Ask them if they have any feedback or suggestions: there’s no better way to make sure your listing is being marketed effectively.

4. The Proof Is in the Paperwork

Have listing information, brochures, and your business card prominently displayed. Include a link to the listing’s Single Property Website. Print out property information, inspection reports, and comparable sales data for serious prospects. Highlight the market data, local stores, and schools, and neighborhood statistics to show the advantages of the location.

5. Most Importantly: Follow Up

The most powerful way to connect with potential buyers is face-to-face communication. However, following up with everyone who visited after open houses is a must. Make sure you get the contact information of visitors and follow up with them immediately. Follow up with the hottest prospects first, but make sure you’ve reached out to all the prospects no less than 24 hours after the open house.

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