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You are currently viewing Reflections from my recent Success Summit conference

Reflections from my recent Success Summit conference

Reflections from my recent Success Summit conference.

 There’s a direct correlation between the relationships in your work and in your life and your personal success.

 How much money you make in real estate is a consequence of the quality of how you run your business… and it’s my personal belief of how you treat people with integrity and respect.

 True respect cannot be bought.  It must be earned.

 Whatever you do, don’t lie.

 Self-care is vital to last in this industry.  It’s non-negotiable.

 Never forget who’s helped you along the way.  No one is all that good by themselves.

 If your foundation is not strong, money would give you a false sense of power.  If money is power, who would we be without money then?

 Always put your why front and center.  It will lift you up when things get tough.  This industry is no joke.

 When you’re self-employed, it’s easy to quit if you don’t have strong enough reasons to stay in.

 If your work makes you a better person.; if it gives you a sense of purpose, you’d get to the other side when people tell you it’s impossible.

 You’re probably not doing much if you don’t have haters and critics.

 You know you’ve found a home when you’re surrounded by people who speak your language and think like you.  While others may think you’re nuts.


⭐ I take pride in building my business through referrals and trust. If you know a family who’s looking to be served by a competent Realtor with a first-class

experience, do call me at 707-567-1049.


With gratitude,

Kasama Lee is a top-producing Realtor® and a community contributor specializing in the Napa and Solano Counties.  Kasama and her husband, Barton, are

raising their two boys in American Canyon and have been residents since 2002.  They’re proud to contribute and give back as residents of this warm, friendly

and supportive community.


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