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Top 5 Summer Energy Saving Tips

         This season brings backyard BBQs, sunbathing by the pool, picnics in the park and evening strolls. It also brings higher energy costs as homeowners try to

keep the house cool during the hot weather months. While more and more people are switching to solar energy in order to stop the monthly check to their

electric company, there are other ways to reduce energy use and save some green which do not require a lot of  effort. Making a few adjustments can make a big

difference in energy costs.


1. Stop the Deep Freeze 

Comfortable temperatures do not need to be as cold as you might think. Keep your air conditioner thermostat at the highest comfortable temperature.

Supplement by using fans throughout the home to  keep the air  moving.


2. Unplug 

Do you know how many of your home devices are always drawing electricity?  Power strips, TVs, computers and  many other devices are pulling electricity on

stand- by when not in use. Turn off completely when not needed to save energy.   If not needed, unplug the garage refrigerator or extra freezer as well.


3. Turn down Water Temperature

While no one wants to shower in truly cold water, a luke warm shower or bath can be  refreshing in hot weather. Lower your water heater to 120°  for  the

summer  and  use  the  cold  water setting on your clothes washer; your T-shirts don’t  mind  a  cold  shower.


4. Keep it Clean 

Summer is the time to replace air conditioner filters and get a tune- up. Help it run efficiently and properly.


5. Set the Mood 

A darkened room is not only romantic, but by keeping your blinds and windows closed during the day, you can help keep the house a little cooler.  An energy

efficient home is easier than you think. By making a few changes during the warmer months, you can save energy and money and still enjoy the summer



SOURCE: Agent Crate


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