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Welcome Barton Lee, My husband and My business Partner!

MAJOR Gratitude Log:

Exciting Announcement!

For Immediate Press Release

After I decided to return to real estate in September of 2015, the business has continued to grow by leaps and bounds organically year after year. Praising God for the blessing and of course my hard work to earn my clients trust.
Sometimes my real estate coach is marveled I have been doing this volume of business by myself, with an amazing part-time virtual assistant, a highly competent transaction coordinator, and an off-and-on part-time assistant. Most local assistants have not worked out as they say the workload is overwhelming.  There is a lot of work behind the scenes that most people don’t know about what we do to provide excellent services to our clients.

I’m thrilled to announce our family’s great news!

📣📣📣Bart is coming on board as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer for our family real estate business, aka The Extra Mile Real Estate, Inc. Yes you can create fancy titles when you’re the CEO of your own business.🙏👍😜
Bart brings over two decades of high-level professional experiences in corporate finance, corporate forecasting, systems creation, training, analyzing, and Lord knows what else he has expertise in. He possesses all the experiences I don’t have. His strengths compliment mine. He’s excited about systematizing and scaling our family business so we can be more efficient and I can keep giving my time serving clients AND developing our kids and youth.
Bart and I have collaborated on a few important projects with golden success. I’m happy to say we are both secured with who we are and what we know. We work well together as a team.

🎉Friends and community…Please help me welcome my husband, my life partner and my all-time biggest cheerleader to #teamkasamalee!!

Here’s to creating a legacy of our family business serving other families together. Please keep us in your prayers as we are growing together as business partners. Bart is studying for his real estate license.

Here we grow babe! When you run into Bart around town, please feel free to congratulate him! 👍🎉Thank you God for blessing us!🙏

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